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Pay it forward with our LinkedIn recommendations challenge




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Take the opportunity to spread positivity and hope within our GEM Alumni network by participating in our LinkedIn recommendations challenge! 

We know this has been a difficult year with many personal and professional challenges. Whether you’re a recent graduate struggling to find a first job or a seasoned professional who has recently been let go from your position, we want to remind you that the GEM Alumni network is here for you. More than 37,500 members strong, our global network is a source of inspiration, an accelerator of opportunities and encounters, but maybe most importantly today, a safe place to seek or provide encouragement and support. 

Looking for an innovative way to interact with our community that would respect socially distant and digital barriers, we came up with a way to involve our alumni across the globe in a pay it forward style LinkedIn recommendations challenge! This will be an opportunity to spread positivity and hope within our network and support your peers in their job search, and to do that, we need YOU

Steps to take

  1. Choose a peer from the GEM Alumni network that you have worked with in some capacity. It could be a current or former colleague from a job or association, someone you collaborated on project with while working at different companies, or someone you completed a group project with while you were a student at GEM, etc..

  2. Visit the person’s LinkedIn profile and click on “more…”, then select “recommend” from the dropdown list.  If you are not already connected on LinkedIn, you will have to send the person a request before you can do this. 

  3. Choose your relationship to person, their position at the time, and write your recommendation. Be specific about how the person works and why you appreciated their help not just “(S)he is a pleasure to work with”. Think about what potential recruiters are looking for in a recommendation. 

  4. Tag the person in this post or send them a message to inform them about our “pay it forward LinkedIn recommendations challenge” and ask them to do the same for a peer in the GEM Alumni network. 

  5. Smile and keep the positivity chain going :)  You can choose more than one person if you’d like! 

Know about open positions in your company or network? Looking for a job or looking for to hire talent?
Check out the GEM Alumni CareerLab to post offers, recruit your peers, or find a job!

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