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John Sandwick

CV, Dr. John Sandwick


My dissertation at GEM was on comparing conventional portfolio allocation theory and practice to sharia-compliant asset management. It reconstructed the underlying theory of asset management and linked that theory to professional best practice and regulatory oversight. It then reconstructed asset management, but respecting the principles of sharia. In the end it was shown that going Islamic with savings, whether personal or institutional, is not only feasible but has vrey positive performance and risk characteristics.

I will be happy to mentor others seeking advanced degrees that expand the Islamic finance space, in particular in the field of Islamic wealth and asset management.

Expérience professionnelle

General manager

Safa Investment Services S.A. , Thonex

De Octobre 2015 à Aujourd'hui

Parcours officiels

GEM – Doctor In Business Administration – 2020

Centres d'intérêt

  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio management
  • Islamic finance
  • Sukuk