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GIT SIT Bogota - 2015-10-15

The Get In Touch Stay In Touch (G.I.T. S.I.T.) evenings are fun events organised by alumni for alumni: everyone pays for their own drinks, and comes and goes as they wish.

From (CET)
15 Oct 2015.
15 Oct 2015.

GiGi's Usaquen
Calle 118 no. 5 - 63 - Bogota

Let's get back in touch for a G.I.T. S.I.T. kickoff, and meet on October 15, 2015 from 7.30 pm at GiGi's Usaquen in Bogota for a Wine tasting (Cost 64$ to be paid on the day).

Maria Munera (GEM MBA 2013),
Laura Castro (GEM MBA 2013),
Camilo Kahuazango (GEM MBA 2013) ,
Gilberto Giraldo (GEM MBA 2006),
Lina González (GEM 2008),
Marcel Hernandez (GEM MSC 2010),
Jenifer Rojas Meza (GEM MIB 2014)
your coordinators, will be onsite to welcome you.

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Maria Munera GEM MBA 2013