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07 Jun 2016

Brand new shape for the Alumni Gala

For the first time in GEM's history, the school organises a unique annual Gala (for both graduating students and Alumni) on Saturday, January 28th.

GEM Alumni Team and Aloha Association will host the biggest annual GEM Gala ever, in Grenoble's largest event center...
All alumni will be there, along with 2016's graduates and their parents.

A a few early hints of the agenda just to get you going:

  • applause alumni who made the buzz in 2016. They will be rewarded with the "GEM Of The Year" Trophies
  • celebrate programs anniversaries: 30 years (1987), 20 years (1997), 10 years (2007)
  • welcome 2016's graduates into the alumni community and take part in their graduation ceremony
  • dine and network at the Gala dinner
  • dance all night long : piano bar, pop rock or electro ... and many other sound styles.

Save the date now ! Book your weekend to live a stunning new gala experience!