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30 Mar 2016

Strategic Alliance emlyon business school and Grenoble Ecole de Management

The Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) represented by its President Jean Vaylet, the CCI Lyon Métropole represented by its President Emmanuel Imberton and the AESCRA represented by its President Bruno Bonnell, and respectively carrying the brands Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and emlyon business school, are creating an Alliance named « Alliance Lyon Grenoble Business School ».

Centered on Innovation - Entrepreneurship - Growth - New Business, the Alliance combines the academic excellence of both schools; their high-level of internationalization, GEM's expertise in « Management of Technology – Innovation » and the « Entrepreneurship – New Business » expertise of emlyon business school.

This Alliance aims to

  • Generate further academic value
    • By boosting growth, quality and academic innovations;
    • By establishing a world-class faculty;
  • Generate further societal value
    • o By reinforcing the impact of both Business Schools on the business development of the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Region (2nd region in France and 7th in Europe in terms of economic activity);
    • o By establishing within the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Region a global innovative center in entrepreneurship, employment and activities, particularly linked to new business models.
  • Generate further economic value by building an efficient and sustainable economic model.

The first steps of this Alliance will be to join forces

From September 2016

  • Pooling of faculty expertise;
  • Development of a common strategy and organization of research;
  • Pooling of R&D in innovation and pedagogy engineering ;
  • Gathering PhD programs;
  • Gathering  DBA programs;
  • Optimization of the  relationship with companies;
  • Joint international development of two major events for both schools – the Geopolitics Festival and the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum;
  • Creation of an innovation-entrepreneurship foundation.

The second steps of this Alliance will be about the expansion and optimization of invested resources

From September 2017

  • Coordinated recruitment of faculty members;
  • Harmonization and optimization of programs' portfolios;
  • Improvement of career support;
  • Joint international development


  • Tuesday 29th March 2016: Press announcement of the new Alliance
  • September 2016: First step of actions to be put in place and presentation of the strategic platform
Franck Bizet Annelaure Oudinot

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