WoMen@GEM Alumni

 A  Club is structured with an official committee. It offers an annual calendar of business meetings and informal/festive get togethers.


Our network is managed in both English and French.


GEM MBA 2004


GEM ESC 2010


GEM ESC 2007


GEM ESC 1993


GEM ESC 2013


Women @GEM Alumni is a brand new club made by Alumni with support from Grenoble Ecole de Management and Grenoble Alumni Association.

Her Century is a global women empowerment organisation : Our mission is to energise women to set and pursue bold aspiration
We have launched our activity in 2017 in China and expanding our network in France, Spain and India

Her Century is offering mentoring events, tools and dedicated career development events.

Through our actions GEM Alumni and GEM Alumni Association ambition is to reinforce the notoriety and the value of our diplomas.
That’s why we are trying as much as we can to :Help our alumni to connect, share, recruit and find business opportunity
Contribute to GEM faculty branding by creating content thanks to alumni knowledge

Unfortunately, everything is not green & blue in our network, some facts :

  • More than 3k€ wage gap between young female and male graduates
  • No women for our last GIT SIT in Paris
  • Only one woman in our association board
  • And even more…


How would like to help us to spread Women @ GEM Alumni ?

  • Recruit speakers, set-up a conference, a roundtable, a training, …
  • Write an article, elaborate a survey
  • Become a speaker, a mentor
  • Source and develop partnership
  • Become our community manager, define our media plan

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